Psicologia Mais

About me


When I was 11, I wanted to be an astronaut! I liked the idea of being able to have an adventure around the universe, listen to the silence of the unknown, discover new planets. Later on, my attention turned to planet earth. Understand the human mind and explore the seas of the thoughts and emotions turned into a destination that would end up being my profession. I chose the best profession in the world!

I graduated in Clinical Psychology, with the desire to join into a part of each one’s journey, believing that that will later on lead, to a liberating reunion for those looking for me. I have been working with adults and children for over a decade.

I’m always looking to do my job even better, willing to challenge some ideas and thoughts, when these still don’t seem to make sense. This restlessness makes me want to constantly keep searching.

Throughout the years I have developed, the will and knowledge in working with families. For this reason, I specialized in Family and Couple’s therapy and I obtained an international certification in several formations, Pioneers in Portugal. I believe that this way I can make a difference in responding to different requests that come to me.

I look at each person with constant curiosity and admiration! In each and every one of us there is a development process running.

I hope, that through this website, I can reach out better to those who are looking for me, awakening some ideas, agitating a little.